Slip In Pocket

“Slip-in Pocket” albums have pre-formed pockets which photos are inserted. These albums tend to be plastic over paper or all plastic pages. They are convenient and economical for regular-sized photographs and they restrict the size of the photos that can be stored as well as a restrictive page layout. These albums are good for storing a large number of photos of a similar size.

Our slip in pocket album covers comes in an array of colours either in Fabric or Vinyl (Tango) made from Europe.  They fit photo size 2R (credit card size) and 4R. Large albums comes with standard cardboard boxes and they are refillable too.

1 x 4R – 40 photos
2 x 2R – 56 photos
2 x 4R – 80 photos
3 x 4R – 120 photos
4 x 4R – 120 photos (expandable to fit 200 photos)
6 x 4R – 180 photos (expandable to fit 300 photos)