Self-adhesive or magnetic-page photo albums (also known as “Sticky Album”) have an adhesive-lined page with a plastic overleaf. The overleaf is peeled back, photos are mounted on the adhesive-lined page and then the overleaf is pushed down to seal the photos in. We certainly do not recommend cheaper albums of this style for long-term storage of your photos. Problems may include discolouration of photos especially colour photos and the promotion of mildew and fungal growths due to moisture sealed in under the plastic overleaf. Commonly, there is report of great difficulty in removing photos from these albums after a length of time. If you must buy this type of album, ensure that the paper, plastic and adhesive used are acid-free materials.

Self Adhesive albums comes in a few standard sizes stated below. Most of them does not come in a box.

4R – Fits 1 x 4R per page
Superior – Fits 2 x 4R or 2 x 5R or 1 x 8R
Jumbo Horizontal – Fits 4 x 4R or 1 x 8RW
Jumbo – Fits 6 x 4R or 1 x 8RW